About Us

Our History

Abbey’s Angels has officially been a non-profit for a little over a year, but we started in 2015.  Mother, Charlie Peterman, and daughter, Abbey Peterman, noticed an increasing number of children who would come to school without items they needed, with uniforms that didn’t fit, etc., in Charlie’s place of work, Crosspointe Elementary School. Charlie, a loving mother of 4, and Abbey, a UF student who loves helping others, didn’t want the kids’ struggles to go unnoticed and unremedied. Thus, with the support and encouragement of Crosspointe, the two started Abbey’s Angels. 

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to give every child we help something to call their own. We want every single child to feel special with a suitcase that is filled with the things they love!

Our Volunteers

Abbey's Angels is made possible by the hard work of volunteers and our board members. That being said, we can always use more help! Contact us today if you would like to volunteer, or follow us on Facebook to stay informed!