What does Abbey's Angels do?

We provide suitcases filled with academic supplies, toiletries, comfort items (blankets, journals, stuffed animals), and toys to homeless and foster kids. 

How does Abbey’s Angels connect with children in need?

Abbey’s Angels reaches out to schools in Palm Beach County and works with their respective guidance counselors and principals to get permission slips out to kids who could benefit from our services. We aspire to extend our reach to additional counties so that we may help as many kids as possible!

What is the age range of children who we help?

We extend our services to anyone from newborns to teenagers up to the age of 18.

What happens if a child is nominated and coexists with other homeless or foster children?

ALL children who co-exist with the nominated child will also receive a suitcase. We want each child to have something to call their own! 

Are the suitcases packed generically?

No! Attached to our permission slip is a paper that asks what the child’s favorite colors, sports, hobbies, animals, etc. are so that we may customize them! Each suitcase is made with much thought and love!

How is Abbey’s Angels able to provide suitcases to children?

Donations! Click below to donate to our cause!